How to Use Wii Accessories to Improve Play

Everyone knows that to play on your Wii console successfully and get the most enjoyment out of it as possible that you need to invest in a few good Wii Accessories such as the Nunchucks or the Wii Wheels. But what some people don’t think about, is the behind the scenes products that can improve the usability tenfold. Here we will highlight some of these products and see why you will not be able to live without them where your Wii Accessories are concerned!

One if the lesser knows Wii Accessories is the component cable for the console. This cable is to ensure that any television that supports component input will be able to produce the best picture quality for the games. As the Wii doesn’t do HD the most benefit from this cable is that there will be a progressive scan which will prevent any interlaced edges on fast moving games and the pixilation increases meaning that the picture is shaper. A little tip I picked up on the cable is that, if you set the Wii setting to output 430p, then the graphics will be at their best.

Another of the great Wii Accessories is the Virtual Console and the Nintendo Points Card. The Virtual Console is a specialised section of the Wii Shop Channel and the Nintende DSi Shop that allows players to purchase and download games online for the Wii Console. They consist of originally released titles on past consoles and through software emulation, can be bought with points on the Points Card. You buy the initial point’s card and then credit your card with online credit card transactions or by purchasing the points at retail stores.

The Nintendo Will has a 512mb of internal memory which means that you can save games and downloads the Virtual Console Games mentioned above directly to your console without a memory card. However is you have a SanDisk for Wii SD Card, you can save backup files and games to the card. The card is also great for getting your pictures onto your Wii or for moving games from system to system.

The final part of the Wii Accessories that we are looking at is the Wii LAN Adapter. As the Wii Console has a built in wireless network, you can quickly and easily connect you Wii to the internet. However if you don’t have wireless network in your house then there is a way round it with the LAN adapter. This adapter enables you to create a high speed LAN internet connection via a USB cable that will support the Wii connection at full speed.

Even though the most popular and well known Wii Accessories [] are the controllers and add on’s, it’s the little things like cables and cards that can improve your gaming and help you have an even better experience with your Wii.

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