Decorating Your New Baby’s Nursery

A baby is a blessing and something you are excited about. With the excitement comes all the preparation for your new arrival. You have to start working on decorating your new baby’s nursery as soon as possible so it is all ready when he or she arrives. There are probably many things running though your mind when it comes to decorating your new baby’s nursery. There are safety concerns, style choices and, of course, your budget constraints. Fortunately, there are many different options that will allow you to create a safe, stylish, and affordable nursery.

Decorating for safety and security

Your top concern for your new baby is keeping him or her safe. You want to ensure that the nursery is a safe haven where your baby will be happy and protected. In order to do this you must decorate with safety in mind. To give you a piece of mind you should installing a baby monitor. There are many options from the audio versions to high tech video monitoring. Some monitors will watch for movement as well.

You also want to make sure that everything in the nursery is baby safe. Bedding and the crib should be chosen specifically with safety in mind. Choose only well made items that are tested for safety. When placing the crib into the room, keep it away from windows and drafty areas. You should also consider what needs to be secured for when the baby gets older. Cover electric plugs and keep blind pulls short. Also, secure any large fixtures, like shelves higher on the walls and anchor large furniture pieces to the wall.

Decorating for style

You want your baby’s room to look great and that is easier done if you figure out a theme. A stylish room will be coordinated and have a central idea. This will make it simple to choose items and decorate a stylish looking room. You can choose your theme based upon trends, the gender of the baby, cultural ideas, or a classic style. It may not be simple to decide upon a theme. You may want to go to the store and have a look at what items they carry. This could spark an idea and help you settle on a theme.

It is common for parents to choose pink for girls and blue for boys, but this is not a rule. You may not even know your baby’s gender, so you can go beyond this simple theme. Do not be afraid to be creative. Having a theme will allow you to bring the room together. You can buy wall decor and furniture to suit the theme. You can even ask for gifts at your baby shower that suit your theme.

Decorating for budget

If you are like most parents-to-be, you have a budget. Most people just can not afford to spend every last dime they have to decorate a nursery. There is no reason for that to hold you back. You can decorate a room on any budget. Start out by defining exactly how much you can spend. This is best known up front so you can plan accordingly. If your budget is low, do not worry. There are plenty of great ways to decorate on a budget. You can choose paint over wall paper or get a wall paper mural instead of having art done for the room.

You can choose throw rugs instead of getting new flooring. You can buy scrap fabric and make curtains instead of buying them. Making small adjustments and putting in a little work will allow you to stay within budget easily and still end up with a great room. Decorating your new baby’s nursery should not be full of stress. This is a happy time and you should be excited about creating a room for your new baby. Start early so you have time to really plan out the room and ensure that you create a safe, stylish, and budget friendly room.

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