Burberry Designer Watches

Burberry watches were immediately prized upon their release, and have continued to be popular designer timepieces despite their upscale prices. Though they are of high quality and bear handsome designs, there is more to the perception of value associated with the Burberry name than just precision-engineering coupled with classic styling. Indeed, their reputation precedes the name, which virtually guaranteed instant sales for their then-debuting designer watches, success that endures with each new release.

Part of the Burberry mystique may have to do their granted Royal Warrants of Appointment by the two leading figures of the British Monarchy, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her son and successor His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. But this prestigious fact rather begs the question, which is how the Burberry name became so revered in the first place.

The company’s origins make for the stuff of legends, to be sure. Thomas Burberry was but a twenty-one year-old Draper’s apprentice in 1856 when he opened his own dry goods store, and less than two decades later was an established manufacturer of outdoors attire, going on to invent gabardine fabric ten years after that. So it would seem that the Burberry name was rather well secured already, making it something of a household word for generations before our own day’s worshipful reverence of it.

Though modern marketing methods must have much to do with such a feat, the simple fact is that Burberry has actually been renowned throughout the history of fashion for its many innovations as an upscale clothier, not least of which is its most famous invention of all, the trench coat, for use by British Army officers during The Great War. Though Burberry did not invent designer watches, they did make Burberry watches synonymous with fashion and luxury.

Burberry watches, then, are but the latest high-end goods to be offered by the upscale merchant. Like their clothing line, Burberry watches tend to be thematically classical, somewhat conservative and thus appropriate for just about any occasion. Their Heritage Chronograph line is fairly representative of most models.

These are handsome, elegant timepieces, with very clean understated designs. They suit almost any outfit, from formal evening attire to more casual wear. Though very utilitarian, they do suggest luxury and art. Many are respectable to a depth of fifty meters, and are Swiss-made for quality and reliability. Other models of Burberry watches bear their trademark check or tartan on the cloth-fabric straps and lend a bit of levity to the otherwise still-formal watch faces.