Be Fashionable All Year Round!

What you wear shows who you are. Your fashion style reflects your own personality. To know what to wear in suitable occasions is the most important. Your hair style, your way of make-up are other issues you have to concern about when creating your style.

You should think carefully before doing a new hair. Does it suit you or not? Is the colour of your dyed hair going with your complexion? Your hair style will go with you for a long time so don’t hesitate to go to a good and well known hairdresser.

You can create a unique look by the way you wear make-up. However, like choosing clothes, you have to be aware of which occasions and which kinds of places you are going to. Of course it’s no use and very ridiculous if you go to a funeral wearing make-up like going to the bar. Moreover, cosmetics are all chemical. Choose them carefully and don’t wear too much make-up, especially when you have oil or sensitive skin.

You don’t have to wear like a movie star with expensive and glamorous clothes. You will look great in clothes which suit your figure and your complexion. Wear whatever promotes the best of your figure. However, if you are thin or extra-weighed, you shouldn’t wear too tight or too loose clothes. In addition, if there are some body features that you don’t like, paying more attention to what you wear can improve the situation. For example, you can make your legs look smaller by wearing dark-colour hose and avoid wearing patterned ones.

Choosing accessories is also a topic of concerns. If you don’t want to pay a great deal for these stuffs, buy neutral-colour accessories because they go with all clothes and make-up. Black and brown are most popular chosen colours for accessories. However, don’t use too much of these colours if you are young, try to mix them with other colours as well.

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