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After they introduced their signature check tartan patterns, Burberry is now currently one of the strongest fashion names in the world. And for a time now, their items have been sought after by many people! If you’d rather have these great merchandises at a low price, then I suggest you visit the Burberry Sale!

Burberry items are easily distinguished in the crowd as they are the sole provider of the classic check patterned designs. With these things, you’ll absolutely become the talk of the town! Not only that, but it can also liven your fashion senses up greatly.

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First, we have here the $389.99 worth Burberry Nova Plaid Backpack, one of Burberry’s best selling items! At a very reasonable price, this bag can be sure to fit all of your convenience needs as you are provided with a full 11.75 x 9.5 x 3 inches of glam and style. Intricately made from vinyl coated canvas, this backpack also showcases the line’s trademark check patterns. It features 25 inches long mesh back straps, an inside pocket, and a double zipper entry.

Up next, is the $205.99 worth Burberry Cashmere Plaid Nova Check. This signature scarf from Burberry is what contributed to the fame of the line! With its soft texture and warm feeling, you really can’t have enough of this item. Manufactured from 100 % cashmere, it is very hypo allergenic and it is designed with the trademark check patterns. It measures up to 12 x 54 x 60 inches, furnished with elegant tassels.

Also on sale is the deluxe Burberry Wallet Nova Check Checkbook, available for only $239.99! As the absolute bag to bring on those important events, this item will only bring you the best aura of sophistication and beauty that there is! With a measure of 7.5 x 4 inches, it features 2 large cash pockets, checkbook compartments, a snap closure, and 6 credit card holders.

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The Burberry Watch Fashion

Burberry, a famous British Company is a home of luxury fashion for men, women and children. Its trademark is attached to wide selection of products from ready to wear items, watches, different kinds of accessories and a range of fragrances. These are sold worldwide whether through online stores and location shops.

The Burberry fashion unfolds into what it is now with some experiences like tarnished market image decreasing its sales and fame in the world of fashion just like some businesses too. The image is then rectified when Burberry was re-launched with a zestful image. Re-launching of Burberry signifies an ardent intention of the company to recapture the customers’ loyalty by fitting in to the kind of needs its individual costumers have.

Its fashion collection depicts a simple but elegant line of clothing with classic designs. When the 2009-2010 Autumn Winter Collection was launched, the famous celebrity Emma Watson modelled the stunning clothes from Burberry.

The Burberry’s line of women clothing collection includes coats, jackets, tops, knit wears, trousers, denims, top wears, dresses and skirts. All are made up of fabrics like wools, jacquards, cottons, silk, velvets and leathers with variety of colour selections and sizes too. These ready to wear items also com in different cuts and style to fit the kind of diversified fashion statements of its loyal customers. The Burberry brand guarantees that every style suits to everyone’s individuality and body shapes as well.

Check out also for Burberry’s trademarks with different under wears and swim wears consisting bikinis, camisoles, bras, briefs, vests in plain fabrics for added comfort. Furthermore, for those women who are inclined with sports, this brand has variety of sports wear to choose from like hats and sport snoods.

Men customers can also avail the above mentioned ready to wear items just like ladies do with its line of clothing specially featured for men. Burberry has everything to complete an elegant cut, stylish and luxurious wear for any man. There are many shirts to choose from and match it up with typical denim suits or casual trousers or denims. Adding up to the men’s clothing selection are Polo shirts and long or short sleeved t-shirts in variety of colours.

Eye wear and watches are also part of Burberry fashion collection that will complement the type of Burberry clothing and even with other clothing brands too. These accessories are well loved by most buyers worldwide because of its chic, elegant and unique design not to mention the durability and high end performance. Burberry watches for both men and women have been very competitive with other designer watches in terms of price, looks and quality.

A range of foot wears for men and women are available to complete your wardrobe collection-all with Burberry trademarks.

All of these and more do not only cater adult customers but also boys and girls newborns, infants and juniors. Burberry’s complete fashion line makes its worldwide marketing highly satisfactory for all buyers specially those who want to establish brand loyalty.

Current Handbag Affairs – Limiting Designer Handbag Sales & Heavy Purse Concerns

January 2008 Designer handbag woes of the month. Warnings are on Television, online and on the news. Everywhere you surf or shop, you can read about or hear about two current issues concerning a woman’s handbag:

1. Health issues concerning women who carry a heavy handbag.

2. Limiting designer handbags sales imposed by the department stores.

Do you think it’s a coincidence? First, we hear about how unhealthy handbags are becoming, and then we are told we can’t buy as many as we want. It is all quite humorous.

FIRST issue – Health Concerns and A Heavy Handbag.

The concern of health related issues around carrying a heavy handbag has been on T.V. talk shows, the news and online. When was the last time anyone wrote a story or news flash about the weight a Pharmaceutical Salesperson lugs around on his/her Doctor office visits? These folks use bags on wheels the load is so heavy! And, they do it everyday from the trunk of a car or van, up flights of stairs, on elevators, down long hallways, through crowds and some even inside and out of taxis. Or, what about the lap top industry taking notice about the weight people carry around all day to do their jobs? Most women carry a large bag because they commute to work and need extra items to make it through the day. Or, they are too busy to clean out the bag before they leave the house. Students have been lugging heavy book bags for year. What’s their health concerns? You may think it is a joke, but some women like carrying a large purse because it makes them feel smaller. There are a lot of big women who think they look strange carrying anything less than a large bag. A bag plus normal contents equals normal handbag weight.

There are many large handbag styles that weight little. Chanel, even with its long chain straps, uses light weight lamb leather and vinyl in its designs. The USA brand of Tano all-leather bags are light weight considering their size. Gucci uses monogram fabric in their construction making the bag weight tolerable.

Women who commute and travel to and from work everyday enjoy taking a bottle of water, a book to read, some munchies and female essentials. These women either carry a small purse and a second tote bag/briefcase or one large attractive designer handbag. This does not mean the same weight in a purse is carried out to dinner on a Saturday night or when shopping at the grocery store. There’s a purpose behind the heavy handbag, and it hasn’t caused any life-threatening disease. We may want to look closer at these “handbag rental” companies who pass along germs and viruses from person-to-person instead. Yuck, just the thought of using a handbag a stranger has carried is repulsive. Renting a designer handbag poses more health issues than carrying a heavy bag!

SECOND issue – Limiting designer handbag sales by the department stores.

This is such an unrealistic predictor of designer bag sales. Most of the websites in question have had a limit on the number of designer items they would sell regardless of the “breaking news.” Plus, it won’t hurt the sale or resale of designer purses. Women will buy what they want and figure out a way to get it regardless of anyone’s rules! What we should really be focused upon is the prices women pay for their fashion icon purchases. Seems like there’s a much bigger issue here than quantity. The issue should be quality and cost. The weakness of the USD plays an important part, too. Some handbags sell for the same price as a new car! That’s what we need to look at. Not, how many we are allowed to purchase, but rather how much we have to pay to own one.

The best materials come from Europe. Italy’s leather and designs have ranked the highest over the years. However, if the same bag was assembled in a more cost-effective manner, the price would be less. The hype about Hermes, Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Burberry, etc. is all just a matter of taste, style and design. Some of the design houses are notorious about pricing. Others, focus more on production and distribution. Then, the counterfeit market jumps onboard and screws it up for all of us. In the end, it doesn’t matter how much women are allowed to purchase, it’s how they can figure out a way to manipulate the system to get what they want.

The best example is the Hermes Birkin bag. The bag is large, heavy, hand-held and high-priced. Most women who want one figure out a way to get it even though they are rarely available through Hermes. Look at eBay. There are sellers on eBay who list 10-15 Birkin bags. Where are they getting these bags if Hermes limits the manufacturing, distribution and resale of the coveted Birkin? Someone figured out a way to buy them regardless of the Designer’s decision for limiting sales. Honestly, most women who carry a Birkin suffer from hand, wrist and neck pain due to its weight. Even Jane Birkin herself reports she stopped carrying the bag because over time it became too painful. The empty Birkin bag outweighs any other handbag filled with a person’s daily essentials.


Are we concerned? Is there something we need to worry about? Or, is the designer handbag industry looking for ways to sell more bags? The fashion bag industry is booming. In 2005, the average cost of a designer purse the major high-end department stores was about $2000. In 2007, the same item averaged about $3000. A woman’s designer handbag wishes are here to stay regardless of health issues, availability and cost. Women get what they want, and in the fashion industry they suffer to look good! This is not going to change or fade away in the near future. So, go shopping and carry on….it doesn’t matter how much you spend or how much it weighs. Every working woman deserves the designer handbag of their dreams!


The Excitement of Yorkville Condos Starts to Take Shape in Downtown Toronto

If you live down on Charles Street East, somewhere between the districts of Jarvis and Yonge, you will have noticed construction noise going on for some time as developers put together three low rise apartment blocks. It seems a little out of sorts as in downtown Toronto we have seen many low rise units replaced by higher rise condos but the new Yorkville Condo complex is being driven by the buzz and activity that is building along Charles Street. New businesses are being set up and the stretch is becoming ever more popular by the month.

Office buildings are being torn down to make way for apartment condos and luxury living complexes, and all to try to placate the growing demand for housing in this area. One tower in the Yorkville Condo complex is certainly going to be a high one with a staggering 47 storeys which will dramatically increase the Bloor-Yorkville neighbourhood population.

There are also expected to be five underground levels of parking which is being worked on during the summer of 2013.

The development and technical construction of the Yorkville Condos takes on a massive construction headache for developers. The load bearing columns that will begin at the very bottom of the underground complex must be vertical (straight and dead upright) to within half a millimetre. There is a small scale model of the completed Yorkville Condo complex ready for viewing at a local architect on Charles Street.

Yorkville has been well known across Canada as the place to go and shop. But its exclusivity has put the area around The Annex neighbourhood among the most expensive areas to live in the world. Some of the condos in the region are going for $15 million Canadian dollars but a brief look around to see who may be living around here will quickly make you realize why these luxury condos are much sought after.

Yorkville’s region is full of some of tres chic boutiques in Canada including Hugo Boss, Prada, Cartier, Gucci, Burberry, Lacoste, Coach, and Louis Vuitton. The list simply goes on and many of the restaurants in the region are five-star featuring some of the world’s finest chefs based here.

The Yorkville Condo complex will eventually become home to 511 units and prospectors are already starting to take an interest in purchasing or investing. The condos will become home to the first residents from October 2014.